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Thursday, March 31, 2005

frithembleersblog in living color!

HELLO FR1THEMBLEERSBGOG TEAM!!!!!!11~~~~~~ OLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!11~~~~ LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOOL.. IT"S TEH DEUCE HERE WITH AN IMPROTSNT SANNOUNC3/\/\ENT!!!!!!!!!! starting \ow, frithembleer wikl p0st in Blue, iiw ill post in red a\d all of u otehr gfritehmbleersb7og team Members who werre recruited fr0m phog!!!!!!!!!!!! net will ajve teh honro o fpostingi n beautiful, glorious greeen i nohn0r Of the color 0f my kiX0rasss double-edged 71ghtsabe -- just liek darth /\/\aul ahd ni staR wars only mine sig ren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ loolololololo~~~ the deuce

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

general grievous scoop?!

general grievous scoop?!

a’ight, so i done finded this here online: general grievous in revenge of the sith may have the ability to wield four-count-‘em-four lightsabers at once. How cool would that be!

The new bad guy Meet General Grievous: half-alien, half-robot, and all Toys 'R Us bestseller. Grievous, who looks like the offspring of Skeletor and one of Will Smith's ''I, Robot'' nemeses, is the Donald Rumsfeld of the Separatist forces. The aptly named, many-limbed Grievous is capable of attacking with as many as four lightsabers at once, all taken off the corpses of fallen Jedi. And unlike the near-mute Darth Maul, the all-CGI Grevious will actually talk. (Lucasfilm wouldn't comment on reports that Gary Oldman is in negotiations to do the honors.)

linkage from

edit: apologies, posters & frithembleersblog team members. replies on frithembleersblog are being temporarily suspended because the deuce called illinois' mama a ho and their trolls invaded. but frithembleer is the boss of illinoying trolls on my own damned blog.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

bomb diggity poll, the un-Becoming!!!

Will a national championship for Roy Williams help frithembleer un-Become a disillusioned fishburger?
Yes, since it would prove that the gods don't hate all the good guys.
No, because it would prove that the gods do hate Kansas.
It doesn't really matter. Only a Kansas national championship at some time in the future can validate college basketball as a sport worth following.
I don't understand any of this. You're an odd one, frithembleer!

Free polls from

The un-Becoming!

a'ight, deuce, now that you done got yerself a bomb diggity new avatar methinks it's high time we delved into how i can un-Become a disillusioned fishburger. i reckon i can as long as roy doesn't win a nc this year. but i fear he will. any thoughts?

Monday, March 28, 2005

RIP paul hester

lyrics from me favorite crowded house song, written by the late paul hester:

Italian Plastic

Written By P. Hester

I bring you plates from Rome
You say they look fantastic
I say we're having fun
Nothing like that Italian plastic

I bring you rocks and flowers
You say they look pathetic
You pick me up at night
I don't feel pathetic

When you wake up with me
I'll be your glass of water
When you stick up for me
Then you're my Bella Bambina

I say we're on a trip
Looks like we're on vacation
I say we're having fun
In our little constellation


Then I'll be your Bella Bambino, your man on the moon, I'll be your little boy running with that egg on his spoon, I'll be your soul survivor your worst wicked friend, I'll be your piggy in the middle, stick with you till the end

crowded house drummer found dead

you'll be missed paul.

my name is..

I have a sparrow caught in my curtains. I try to play Brahms, but only Chopin works. It's like they say, gravy is meat.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

silly rabbit!

toby the internet hostage bunny makes the cut at

(shameless plug: if you stay to browse, be sure to check out quin snyder's resume, too -- i wrote it. in normal english.)

That's a load of crap!

A Czech tractor driver died under eight tons of manure in a bizarre accident that has baffled his employers, local media reported.
"The truck is operated from the tractor cabin, using hydraulics. There was nothing for him to do under the truck, but it’s tough to blame him now that he is dead," the news site quoted him as saying.


suffocating under a heaping pile of crap has got to suck!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

What flavor is that DeRon the chubby boy?

HEY 'BLEER, I WAS WATCHIN" ETH ARIZONA/IL1NOYIG WAR3Z ANDF TOWRADZ TREHEND ETH XAMERA SHWOED THHaT DARON TEH CHUBBY BOY'Z MAMA 1N TEH STYANDS AND GU3SS WHAT!?!?!?!??!??? shes a white lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~ hmmm come tomy ftp ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ I ALWQAYZ WONd3RED WHAT FLAVRO TAHT DeRON THE CUHBBY B0Y WAZ!?!?!??!?!? whatch athinkj?!?!?!??!? I will haX0R~~~ !!!!!!!~~~~~ ?????????????????? - teh deuce

Friday, March 25, 2005

Decoding "Deuce Sp34k"

Although the Deuce still causes me head to ache a bit, I've endeavored to establish some guidelines for understanding to assist the confused (like me). While there's alot that's apparently random, there are a few consistencies.

Rule One: when the number "4" appears in a word it always represents the letter "A", as it pl4yer.

Rule two: when the number "3" appears in a word it represents the letter "E", as in play3r.

Rule three: when the number "1" appears in a word it represents the letter "i", as in p1mp.

Rule four: when the number "7" appears in a word it represents the letter "L", as in p7ayer.

Feel free to add or amend. Many of you have prolly figured this much out already, but for those who hav3n't, th3r3 you go.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

today's "guess what they found in someone's food" story.

you want fingers with that?

"Then they had some kind of emotional reaction and vomited."

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

plaige investigation update

it appears that there may never be an update. bugger!


Regarding the Paige Laurie investigation;
University of Southern California, USC, officials have not returned our repeated attempts to get information. In November the Dean of Student Affairs said he had launched an investigation, but student records are private and Paige Lauries's parents have never commented, saying it was a private matter.

boo! hiss!! for shame, USC officials! inquiring 'bleers have a right to revel in all misfortune which mires the mediocrity which is misery athletics, and all things related to said misfortune as well. give us the gory details of whether/how that cheating skank shall be punished!

thought this blog was funny


bugger all! i forgot to post the pic. the pic's the best part:

'bleer became....


"how you doin?"


How yous doin?

Guess who's Back? (Slim, is that you?)

nope, just me, EmpireStrikesBack. Was fortunate to get an e-vite from the 'bleer, so here I am.

Just one thought...the Deuce gives me a headache...I will avoid 'bleer2...but what about refering to him/her as "the sequel"? You know, you pay attention cause the first one was excellent, but the 2nd just doesn't quite live up...

man oh man

some guy thinks bucknell was the "best line" in my great Becoming! i don't quite know what to make of that.

best line - "bucknell!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

HEY 'Bleer!!! Guess what I did?!?!!!

I USED MY AWESOME BO/\/\B DiGGITY COMOPUTARS KILLZ tO GET US ATRIX0RED-OUT bLOG~~~ i got us a totalkly sawesome hit-countar to k3ep tr4X0r of al7 thh3 visItors to outr amazing blog teh blog of th3 frithemlbearz!!!!!!!!!111~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ and im w0rki|\|" on gettin' us some advertisements, too, so wd can start making m4d crzay doll4rs, play3r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ olololololololol!!!!!!!1~~~~ yeaH~~~~ - teh duce

wow! you'd think picking ku over wake in the title game ...

would purty much mean me bracket would be sucking arse in the yahoo group 1 (where all the cool kids play -- don't even hate!) tourney pick 'em contest dealy, but your disillusionedness is actually tied for a respectable 7th place. hmmm ...

Standings Member List
Rank Team Points
1 Chris McCray have my babies 49
2 thenextbo 47
3 brianharold9 46
4 rockchalk469 45
4 scooterootooter 45
4 kujayhawxfan 45
7 kshawk_1 44
7 velicious 44
7 frithembleersbombdiggitypicks 44
7 SoHaHawk 44

anybody seen kevbo?

on the hoops board at i feel kinda guilty. dude even changed his avatar. finally done got me the nerve to head back & lurk (i've limited myself to lurking in the ape room up til now) & tried searching for him. but the search function sucks arse & i couldn't find him. bugger.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Mullet songs

hmmm ... woulda never guessed there were that many songs out there with the word "mullet" in the title: "mullet" (2X), "daddy has a mullet", "cut the mullet", "mullet millennium", "mullet anthem", and "mullet boy enumerates".


raging keeger banned from the phog!

i was lurking in the ape room and he told me in a pm. not cool, mods, not cool at all. i can't imagine what he could've done that would be meaner or nastier than any of the pablum and tripe that sorry-ass clowns like EDF and BTW are allowed to get away with on a regular basis.

Testing, one, two

Is this thing on?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

What color lightsaber should the deuce get?

(To help me with my un-Becoming.)

What color lightsaber should the deuce get?
one o' them red two-headed jobbies like darth maul had

Free polls from

The task at hand: un-Becoming

ok, "blear, i htink enouugh tiem h4s passed sinc3 ypou beC4me a disillusionedfishburegR that we cann ow begin the priocess of explori\g ho\\\\////\\\\//// you can un-beCom3!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ WOU7 IT HELPY OU IF I GOT MySELF A IGHTSABER??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? lolololoolololl~ itz just 4 ThOught, but 1t hink at kl34st one Of the fritehmblears shuld ahve a lightsber~~ it just SeeMs rigfht, u kno\\\\////\\\\////???????????????
- teh duece

Yo, deuce! You need a new avatar pronto!

stealing one o' me old ones?!? from MY bloody buggery 81x libary?!?! not cool, deuce, not cool. please get yer own avatar asap.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hello frithembleersblog readers.

h ifritehmbleasrblog read3rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ th1s si ritehmbleer2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ uyou c4n a7so callk me th3 deuce' (clever, hu!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!? )h. im a wannabe bomb diggity scourge, but maybe someday i can become a dull-fleded bomb diggit scourge i nmY oWn r1ght~~~ but 1 dIgrewss !!!!!!! to sum up tthsi introdsuict10n, i'd liek to thank fRithemblear frO i\vioting me to jon his most excellenta nd amUsing blpog my role heRewill primari7y be to asrve Ad fr1trHemb7eer's soundnig board for iddeas t eh f1rst ordar of busniess will be teh two of uz trying to figur eout if a wannabe bOmb diggity scouirge can help 4f 0rmarly bomb diggity csoutg3 w0 became adisenchsnted fishburgazr t0 un-become, Idf thhat 1 seven possible!!!!!!~~ AND MQAYEB, jUST MAYB3 \/\/3LL AHVE A LITTEL FUN AL0NG TH3 WAY~~~~~~~ fRitehMbleerz r al about thef un.. w37l, tHats all fofr now!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ - the deuce

me new digs

now that i've done decided to make this here blog me new digs for a spell there's some changes needs a made around here. for starters, i'm considering expanding the blog membership from just lonely old frithembleer to include a few friends, possibly fellow bloggers, and maybe even some like-minded (or, not so like-minded, if they're willing to play nice) individuals i befriended this season at for the time being i'll start by adding my good friend, frithembleer2 (yes, there are two of us). his first entry will come after (assuming he agrees to play) i get him added. oh, and by the way, frithembleer2 prefers to be referred to as "the deuce" NOT i repeat NOT "the 'bleer2", "bleer2", "freeezembleezer2" etc. (i'm serious about this one -- you don't wanna piss the deuce off; trust me.) oh, one more thing: any o' the rest o' yous what wants to play, too may request to apply for blog membership by pm'ing my inbox (i'll be lurking at for an indefinite period of time, and will check the inbox sporadically), or if you feel comfortable you can apply by replying with your email address/name you want to post on my blog as in this here thread. should be fun.

Friday, March 18, 2005

f*ck it!

screw being a college basketball fan!!! this is the end? just like that, all that is evil and revolting triumphs yet-a-friggin'-gain?!? so yer tryin' to tell me that the good guys NEVER get to win?!?! unacceptable. am i done? will i be back? part of me just wants to stay here on my blog. somebody please convince me why i should return to and (more importantly) why i should continue to be a college basketball fan, because i'm just ... out of answers. for now ...

goddammit i RAGED against the power of the dying of the light; i even freaking Became! "Became"? became what? i'll tell you what, it appears that all that i became was mad ... no, i'm not mad, i'm ANGRY! angry at the whole goddamned world. was it worth it? is it worth it to continue? meditate on these questions i must. 'bleer, out.

[edit: comments are of course enabled, welcome and encouraged on this thread. on the off chance that a bucknell, illinois, north carolina, missouri, k-state, duke or any other school's fan should happen to stumble upon me blog, please play nice or i won't let you play at all. if you have something constructive to offer, other than a flame, feel free to comment. if not, please move along now, and be aware that flames will merely result in being removed by an administrator. play nice, or we won't let you play at all. oh, yeah, and i've stopped posting at ... for a while. i did reserve the right to lurk and possibly resume posting. oh, and i also became a delicious fishburger. eh, why not?]

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

road to the title

kansas beats bucknell and wisconsin, then handles an impressive four consecutive acc opponents, beginning with nc-state before squaring off with unc. the 'hawks prevail to face duke and emerge victorious. the jayhawks win their 5th national title in a thriller over wake forest. that's how i see it playin' out. fo' shizzle!


Some Perspective on Being a Fan

"It is not da critic who counts, not da one who points out how da strong mutha stumbled or how da doer of deeds might has done 'em better n' shit. The credit belongs da mutha who is actually in da arena; whose face is marred wit sweat 'n dust 'n blood; who strives valiantly; who errs 'n comes short again 'n again; who knows da bomb diggity enthusiasms, da bomb diggity devotions 'n spends himself in a worthy cause 'n who, if tha dude fails, at least fails while daring greatly so that tha dude's place shall never be wit those cold 'n timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat n' shit."

- the 'bleer

Monday, March 14, 2005

comment on the great Becoming here

Friday, March 11, 2005

"Throwing Bricks" (or "The story of the great Becoming.")

"Throwing Bricks"

by frithembleer


frithembleer - Bomb Diggity Scourge
The gods - dieties
Refs - officials
Duke, Arizona - elite wannabes
Dean Smith - evil incarnate

Spring, 1993

frithembleer: Oh, Kansas! Brave New World, the spectacle of the NCAA tourney.

The gods: Tradition! Validate North Carolina's elite status.

Chorus: Group hug! Long live Kansas! Long live North Carolina! Duke sucks!

Spring, 1997

frithembleer: Oh, fairly-seeded NCAA tourney! Y'all's toast.

Arizona: Whahahahaha!

frithembleer: Oh, gods! Why hast thou forsaken Kansas?

The gods: (silence)

Chorus: The best team doesn't always win the NCAA tourney.

Spring 2002 - Spring 2003

Scene I:

frithembleer: Oh, fairly, correctly-seeded NCAA tourney! It's Kansas' turn, finally!

Refs: Whahahahahaha!!

frithembleer: Woe me. Woe Kansas! gods?

The gods: Experience, particularly Final Four experience.

Chorus: There is no try, only do. We needs us a scourge, frithembleer. Get you a purple lightsaber, dawg!

Scene II:

frithembleer: Curses, incorrectly, unfairly-seeded NCAA tourney! Hmmmph. Kansas shall triumph supreme, anyhow!

Duke, Arizona: Bugger all. We're toast, we're toast!

Dean Smith: Whahahahahahaha!!!

frithembleer: Tradition! Experience, particularly Final Four experience!! Kansas! Seniors!! Sweetness and Light! All that is Good and Pure and True about college basketball!!! gods?

The gods: Carmelo!

Chorus: RAGE against the dying of the light, frithembleer!! There is still hope!

Fall 2004 - Winter 2004/2005

frithembleer: Oh, college basketball's regular season! I'm a Bomb Diggity Sourge now -- beware!

Chorus: All hail the ACC! All hail the Big East! All hail Illinois! All hail North Carolina! Wait, no ... all hail Illinois! Wait, no ... all hail North Carolina! Wait, no ...

frithembleer (interrupting in dismay): Et tu, Chorus?! Avaunt, detested kites, lest I scourge thee!! I will RAGE!!!

Spring 2005

frithembleer: To believe, or not to believe? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to believe in Sweetness and Light, and that sometimes, just sometimes, the best team CAN win the NCAA tourney and it is finally Kansas' turn to do so. Or ... to join with the doubters and unbelievers? I will RAGE against the ... the gods? Yes, I will join the doubters and unbelievers! Gimme some bricks!

(frithembleer grabs some bricks, cocks his arms, prepared to chuck the bricks at the gods' temple)

[Deus Ex Machina]

The gods: Do not despair, frithembleer! If we exist, and if we don't hate Kansas, then we'll reward you, and right soon. Trust in us, and keep the faith that we know what is best for all that is Good, Pure, and True in college basketball! Believe in Sweetness and Light! That is why you have been chosen (though MANY were worthy). You have been chosen for the Great Becoming! As you Become, you must help them to understand, and to truly Believe!!! Go forth, and tell them. Tell them of the Great Becoming!

frithembleer: And Kansas, gods? What of Kansas?

The gods: Kansas is no longer your task, frithembleer. Your task is the Great Becoming! Finish your Great Becoming; leave Kansas to us! Go forth. More details will be revealed to you soon, so remain watchful.

frithembleer: Aye! Onward and Upward -- to the Becoming!

The gods: Not so fast, frithembleer. We've changed our minds. Bucknell!

frithembleer: Woe me! I can take no more. The gods hate Kansas. I will become a fishburger; a disillusioned fishburger.

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