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Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Ten things I hate about Illinois"

'ten th1ngs ihate about i7linoying -b y fritehmbl;eAr2:
** the w4y they playarz celebrate good plaYs by da\ci\gt eh fuNky chh1X0ren liek itz the firsrt good paly maDe in teh proframz histroy...
* the coacj cheapening his owj motehr's L1feyb using her death az a motivatuional/inspir4tio\al tool fro his pl4yars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~
*** the "team of destniy crp!!!!!!!!!!1 p
* teh hom3court advantage tey didnt deaseRve and shouldn"t ahve been giVe\ in hte ff,, ollollolololo....
* t3h classless, tacky, tr4sh-talking tool of a used car salesm4n coadcjh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~
* teh ignorAnt,, obnoxious, 1nsecure fan b4Se ro0ting for teh undardog sp;4rTans t0 beat nuc, h0poing someonEw ould drefeat illinoying's potential higher-seedes 0oponent yet gaan, as i any poteNtial illinoyi\g natiOm4l championship' that m4y reslt from this tournye need3d any mro3 asteriskZ next to it!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~
*** teh fact that t3hy hate bll self fro 7eacing \on-factro illinoyin gfotr the best job in college basketball...
* TEH "AmER1CAS TRA/\/\' hOGWASH,,, amerIca's trad1tion ion college basketball is kaznsas!!!!!!1~ bloody buggary kansas, not cRappy ill1nois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ olool
- teh dwUC3

edit: ilklinois trolls, go to ur 0wn damned boarfd and stay teh hel7 off of phog NET AND OFF OF FRUITH3MVLEERFSBLOFG!!!!!!!!!!111~~~ U ARENT WATED HERE, MOVE ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ !!!!!11~~~~~~~ HAX)R YOUUUUuUU becuz y0u suck

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