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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hello frithembleersblog readers.

h ifritehmbleasrblog read3rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ th1s si ritehmbleer2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ uyou c4n a7so callk me th3 deuce' (clever, hu!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!? )h. im a wannabe bomb diggity scourge, but maybe someday i can become a dull-fleded bomb diggit scourge i nmY oWn r1ght~~~ but 1 dIgrewss !!!!!!! to sum up tthsi introdsuict10n, i'd liek to thank fRithemblear frO i\vioting me to jon his most excellenta nd amUsing blpog my role heRewill primari7y be to asrve Ad fr1trHemb7eer's soundnig board for iddeas t eh f1rst ordar of busniess will be teh two of uz trying to figur eout if a wannabe bOmb diggity scouirge can help 4f 0rmarly bomb diggity csoutg3 w0 became adisenchsnted fishburgazr t0 un-become, Idf thhat 1 seven possible!!!!!!~~ AND MQAYEB, jUST MAYB3 \/\/3LL AHVE A LITTEL FUN AL0NG TH3 WAY~~~~~~~ fRitehMbleerz r al about thef un.. w37l, tHats all fofr now!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ - the deuce


  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    hmmm ... perhaps to help our blog readers make sense of the deuce's posts i should translate his first few posts. here goes:

    "Hi frithembleersblog readers. This is frithembleer2. You can also call me "the deuce" (clever, huh?). I'm a wannabe bomb diggity scourge, but maybe someday I can become a full-fledged bomb diggity scourge in my own right. But I digress ... To sum up this introduction, I'd like to thank frithembleer for inviting me to join his most excellent and amusing blog. My role here will primarily be to serve as frithembleer's sounding board for ideas. The first order of business will be the two of us trying to figure out if a wannabe bomb diggity scourge can help a formerly bomb diggity scourge who Became a disenchanted fishburger to un-Become, if that is even possible. And maybe, just maybe we'll have a little fun along the way. Frithembleers are all about the fun. Well, that's all for now.

    - The Deuce"

  • At 1:51 AM, Blogger frithembleer2 said…

    yo, "blear,, frithemblearsb7gos r3da4rs ar3nt retarrds~~~~~~ im sur3 tehy caqn understaz|\|d my posts just fine, thnx very much,, YOURE TRANSL4IOMN' SERvICES WILl NOT BE NCESSARY~~ ni f4cr ,your one to talk!!!!!!!11~~~ i meAn, what in teh hell kindo f sentencw is 'dont nobunny cAre about hoball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ , huh????????? YPOU L;EAVE M POST SBE bLEER!!!!!!!~~~~ lololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ what do yy0u kN0w, yuor a disilklusioend fishburger, fRo chjrist"s sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 - the dwuce

  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What if the deuce were to eat the disenchanted, disillusioned, delicious fishburger. Than the site would be all his own.

    Speaking of which, what was 'bleer before he became a fishburger???

    PS. Can we get some emoticons around here???


  • At 10:04 PM, Blogger frithembleer2 said…

    hey jasonaC tnx for the sggestio/// lollolollololololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ OLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOO... we fr1tehmblears welco/\/\e and 3ncourage the free exchangfe of ideras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ but i dontt li3k fishburgrs, so ill Passso neating the "B;leEr,,, - TEH DEUCE


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