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Saturday, April 02, 2005

yo, deuce, take a chill losenge PRONTO!!!

it's bad enough illinoying trolls infest like a barnacle on me arse -- we don'e need 'em invading frithembleersblog to boot! ix ne of the illinoying trash talk for a spell! i refuse to post any more messages for you on regarding illinoying because when i posted yer little hate list on the hoops board there some pathetic tool of an illinoying fan took all of five seconds to dredge it over to the illini board and i can't defend you on illini board because their moderators are assholes ban nazis who banned me awhile back. i could defend myself and you on but we both know that i'm a disillusioned fishburger now who has largely lost the will to care about college basketball ... so what's the point in exchanging banter with illinoying tools. i'll just fester for a spell instead.

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