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Monday, April 04, 2005

And Darkness descends across the land.

Is there any light or sweetness to be seen in the future. Stay tuned.


  • At 11:24 PM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    sigh. watching good ole' roy finally get the nc i'd long, long ago chosen to believe he someday would was ... cathartic in a way. and disturbingly unsettling. woe kansas! woe all that is good and pure and full of sweetness and light (by the way, did anybody else notice greg gumbel use me "sweetness and light" catchphrase during the broadcast? does gumbel lurk on frithembleersblog?!?) and woe roy! woe for not being able to share fully and completely his grandest moment with the legions of fans who would have been able to fully appreciate it for the achievement it would have represented in light of the fifteen years they devoted to wishing it for him. congratulations, roy. gods, 'bleer charges you with hating kansas. sigh. being a disillusioned fishburger grows tiresome. meditate on how all that is good and pure about college basketball can (if?) be restored i must...

  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger frithembleer2 said…

    YO, BLEER!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ can i gotorm3ntt he tAholez 0n insidew caorlin4 Now, or wqould you prefer tjhat i give them 4 few days to celebr8 befor3 i begin my assaults~~~~~~~ we don'tt want asiutation 7iuek, teh one we haf last wedek wtih thoose pat3htic cluelesz tools teh illinoy1ng trolls whO goun diuS by torlling phog!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ net And then Dredged tehIr crap ov3r tpo tehir bo4rd whare eth lameasz i7lin1 board nazi mOdaratt0s banneed uz boith!!!!!!!!11 unbeleivable~~~~ OLOLOOLOLOLOL~~ WILL TEH I|\|SIDE CAOR7IN4 BOARD MODEARTROS BE ANNY BETTEr????????????????? LLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL lemme know, bglear i feel then eed to tta7k some trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ OLOLOLLOLOLOLOLO~

    -teh D3uc3

  • At 1:47 AM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    YOU LEAVE THE CAROLINA FANS/ROY SUPPORTERS BE DEUCE!!! let 'em enjoy the title ... for a spell. i swear to god if you go flame on inside carolina tonight i'll banish you to frithembleer2sblog.


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