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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

road to the title

kansas beats bucknell and wisconsin, then handles an impressive four consecutive acc opponents, beginning with nc-state before squaring off with unc. the 'hawks prevail to face duke and emerge victorious. the jayhawks win their 5th national title in a thriller over wake forest. that's how i see it playin' out. fo' shizzle!


  • At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Jeremy Chrysler said…


    I enjoy this latest Jayhawk entry into the blogosphere. Indeed so much that I added you to my permanent blogroll. If you wouldn't mind adding me to your 'links' I'd be much obliged

    Phog Blog

  • At 6:12 PM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    excellent, jeremy ... i've enjoyed your blog for some time now. we have linkage!

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    how wrong i was. what a sad day ... for ... all that is good, sweet, and pure about college basketball. what more can be said? probably ... nothing.


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