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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

plaige investigation update

it appears that there may never be an update. bugger!


Regarding the Paige Laurie investigation;
University of Southern California, USC, officials have not returned our repeated attempts to get information. In November the Dean of Student Affairs said he had launched an investigation, but student records are private and Paige Lauries's parents have never commented, saying it was a private matter.

boo! hiss!! for shame, USC officials! inquiring 'bleers have a right to revel in all misfortune which mires the mediocrity which is misery athletics, and all things related to said misfortune as well. give us the gory details of whether/how that cheating skank shall be punished!


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger frithembleer2 said…

    G0OD FIND, BLE3R!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~ i'd been wond4rIng whAt was up with teh inveStigation, t0o!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ thanmx for teh update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ usc suX)rz ibg time fro n0t giving Us tE hjuicuy detaiuls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!11 - teh deuce


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