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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

general grievous scoop?!

general grievous scoop?!

a’ight, so i done finded this here online: general grievous in revenge of the sith may have the ability to wield four-count-‘em-four lightsabers at once. How cool would that be!

The new bad guy Meet General Grievous: half-alien, half-robot, and all Toys 'R Us bestseller. Grievous, who looks like the offspring of Skeletor and one of Will Smith's ''I, Robot'' nemeses, is the Donald Rumsfeld of the Separatist forces. The aptly named, many-limbed Grievous is capable of attacking with as many as four lightsabers at once, all taken off the corpses of fallen Jedi. And unlike the near-mute Darth Maul, the all-CGI Grevious will actually talk. (Lucasfilm wouldn't comment on reports that Gary Oldman is in negotiations to do the honors.)

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edit: apologies, posters & frithembleersblog team members. replies on frithembleersblog are being temporarily suspended because the deuce called illinois' mama a ho and their trolls invaded. but frithembleer is the boss of illinoying trolls on my own damned blog.


  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger EmpireStrikesBack said…

    fwiw, the General (Grievous, not Bobby Knight) wields 4 sabers the the mini series cartoon on Cartoon Network, so it makes sense that the movie version would be able to wield 4 sabers. (Upon further reflection, I'll bet Knight could too)


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