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Friday, March 18, 2005

f*ck it!

screw being a college basketball fan!!! this is the end? just like that, all that is evil and revolting triumphs yet-a-friggin'-gain?!? so yer tryin' to tell me that the good guys NEVER get to win?!?! unacceptable. am i done? will i be back? part of me just wants to stay here on my blog. somebody please convince me why i should return to and (more importantly) why i should continue to be a college basketball fan, because i'm just ... out of answers. for now ...

goddammit i RAGED against the power of the dying of the light; i even freaking Became! "Became"? became what? i'll tell you what, it appears that all that i became was mad ... no, i'm not mad, i'm ANGRY! angry at the whole goddamned world. was it worth it? is it worth it to continue? meditate on these questions i must. 'bleer, out.

[edit: comments are of course enabled, welcome and encouraged on this thread. on the off chance that a bucknell, illinois, north carolina, missouri, k-state, duke or any other school's fan should happen to stumble upon me blog, please play nice or i won't let you play at all. if you have something constructive to offer, other than a flame, feel free to comment. if not, please move along now, and be aware that flames will merely result in being removed by an administrator. play nice, or we won't let you play at all. oh, yeah, and i've stopped posting at ... for a while. i did reserve the right to lurk and possibly resume posting. oh, and i also became a delicious fishburger. eh, why not?]


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