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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

bomb diggity poll, the un-Becoming!!!

Will a national championship for Roy Williams help frithembleer un-Become a disillusioned fishburger?
Yes, since it would prove that the gods don't hate all the good guys.
No, because it would prove that the gods do hate Kansas.
It doesn't really matter. Only a Kansas national championship at some time in the future can validate college basketball as a sport worth following.
I don't understand any of this. You're an odd one, frithembleer!

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  • At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Jasonac said…

    Geez. The fact that 4 of the 6 so far have picked KU has to win the NC for 'Bleer to unbecome, is shameful.

    Do you people know how hard it is to win a NC?

    Bleer, you may be a fishburger for a while. I picked #1, by the way.

  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    i suspect that the deuce is part of the pro-roy clan, too. i'm still a little undecided myself. if roy does win it all, i reckon i'll hafta force myself to decide once and for all whether i hate him too, or just carolina.

  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger frithembleer2 said…

    ACTUAS7LY, B7EAR, IM VARUY /\/\UCHH AMNTI-ORY NOW, THOUGH I USED tO B EPOR-ROY~~ ULL HA\/3 TO MAKE UP YORUE OWN M1ND ON THIS!!!!!1~~~ I will ACHK youuuuyiu/ HERE"Z T3H C4SE AAINST ROY: LET’Z G0 BASX0R TO TH3 EZRLY- MiD-1980Z aa ku prt0gram si ging nowhjere and gettiNg tehr3 QuiX0r7y,,, dean smiyth helps uoy his alma m8r by suggesting that lrary Br0wnm would be a Gr8 fitfir the job.. COACH BORWNJ AHS CRaZTY TAL3NT BUT HE ALSO HAS REUPT4T1ON F0R L0VING AND LEAVIMNG JOBSM CH LIKE OTEHR D00DEZ TR4DE IN CASR~~~~~~~ LLOLOLOLOO!!!!!!111~ coach br0Wn is hhIred and he immedi8ly beco/\/\es tehsubject of speculation az to how long je wills ytay!!!!!!11~~~~~~ d1XOr viat7e pormisez th4t if cozach brown stays past a certai|\| tim3 he (vitale, i mean) will /\/\op t3h floor sat allen deildhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~ YOU ArE SuCK!!!!!!!!11~~~~~ lolol~~~~~~ coach bronw does what was hopEde of him and he wins ku a NAtionmzl ch4mpi0nship/// OLOLOLOLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~ YOU ARE LMAE because Iwill HACK yoiuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ t eh night he win she si asked about teh ucla jo,b t0 qhich rumros hvae bewen linkinG Him f0r quite Some time~~ ololoololooloolo coach borwn issuez the staNdardf non-den1al edn1als bEfroee ev3ntU4ll yacceptinG teh jbo and the|\| rejjectinf it, not becuZ hE wanrts to stay at ku but becuz he tHinks there might be a betterj ob ofr him tha|\| ietehr ucla ro kju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ DEAAn S/\/\ITH HDELPS OUT H1 SALMa MATER AGAIN AND GETS BEHINND OnE ORY WILlIAMZ, A MROE-RO--LESS UNKNOWN ASSISTANT OF cOIACH DMITH, HeIR IS A RATI0 DONT RPIE ME OFF BECAUSE YOU R LAM~~~~ Ec0cahj willi4ms i snot evben d3ansmith’s top aSsistany, that honro g0ing to eddwi ofgler nevarthel3ass, r0y williamz Is rvArything ku w4nzt in aco4ch!!!!!111~~~~~~~ I WON J0)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Scrupuloiusly clean, gr8 recrutier, gets to tehncaa championsihp WaReZ in only his third year ta Kui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ d3sptie (or, mioe lickly, becuz of) a7 of this, ory grts job offers form all oveRt hE country!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ the univaarsity of tenneSsee an dteh l0a 4ngeles lakars, amon gmAny others, al;l take their chancwes at tyring t0 Convice coach wlliams t0 come anD b the man at their program!!!!!!111 roy l1stenz yto all of tehse job offers and tunrs dowmn each and every onr of them/ YOU ARE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ A KiSTENA ROM ORY’Z CALL-IN pOPRGRAM ASKS WHY ROY 7ITSENS TO SO MANY JOB OFFARS, SI H NOT AHPPY AT KU?!?!?!?!??!?!? ROY REAPONDS, QUITE RWEADONABLY, THAT IF sOEONE ASKZ T0 TALK TO HHIM 4BoUT A Job, JHE FEESL HE OWES 1T TI HIMESLFG AND HJIS DAM1LY OT LISTEN ALTHOUGHH HE CSANNOT IMAIGNE A S1TU4TION BEtTER THAN THE ONE HE AS ATR KAnSAS~~ as a reus;lt, roiy |\|ever ssays the woRdsa ku f4ns ong to Hear (And wh1ch lArry borwen haz nevar sa1d and meant ata ntyplace includinG ku), nam3ly, “i amn q jayhawk froever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ ”r fast forwrad a few yaersa nd dfeaN mith’s replaC3mnet retioRes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ olol FINALLY, TEH INE JOB EVERYON AND ANDY KATZ’SF REAKIN’’ DOG KNEWROY WOU7D B3 OFFERED AND \\\\////\\\\////POULD ACCRPT Is 4VAILABLRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ ahck tHe plannet ajnd ory say that hhe is turniNg it dow nand, using wrds h3 wikll lAter rEgret, h3 sayz moRe r0 lesz, thath e w1L7 eb a tku froedvar!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ l8r, in using langugae ythat bill Clinton woulD find tw1sted and impRessiv,e ory liensa these stt8menst rtos Ayign that he neevr asid he would not eat Again adt hat hIs r3masrsk should not have Been interpr3Ted thusly// BUT FRO NOW MY BELOVED JAYHAWKSHA\/E COACH WILL1AMZ AND HIS PORLCAMATYUIONS OF ETARNAL DEVBOTION~~~~~ olololooloolool THINK ABOuT THAT FTRO SECOND ory williams spends years bieng wo0eda nd psrning potentia7 su1torz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I wil hakc U cause I will HACK teh la lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ he finalLy hs teh chzacne tO egt the one job ku nation feard he would d4vor obar us 4nd he sayz no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ not on7t doez he say no r(3ally it wasp orbably“ no, nx””) but this SI Wat leads ory to finally tell us th4t he olves us as Much 4 we love him LOLOLOOLOLLOLOLOLO n3ver again would we hear specluation, wsjetehr reaListic or not, that rot was going ot leave uz.. afteR yearz of ourr fair coach brown bie|\|g inKed w1th 3very job i ncllege qnd the bnas, afTer yeasr of ahvig guys n4med vitaLe, kaz and bilas tell uz roy owuld thorw us ovar for Crolima whem he got teh chance, roy tsayed with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ ane he to;ld us He would never leeave.. agaiun, mayybe he haz rgrets about thatr, vbut that’zx what h3 did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~ 4nd he did ir 4ft3r, literally,, over a decade 0f Hearnig and fEaring we would lose oir beloevd c0ach, weven losing one 1n teh porcess befor efinalylgetting teh guy who sai he w0ulD saty with us... olololololol~ WO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ what 4 tush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ wwe ku fans, with our mIxture opf feirce prifde anD a dash of ins3curity finally get wh4t he have been olnginfg t oh3ar. move ahead three y3asr!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ ku ha sa |\|ew athletic director, an abominat1opn who ahs no idea that this ids ory’z shw... TREH AD, IN A ATTMEPTEFD DISOPLAY OF TSRENGTH 4ND POWEER, AH,MISTDE7Y FIR3S TH EK UF0OTB4LL COACH, 4 CLOSE D00D3 OF ROY WiLLIAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ tihs si teh beginning oF twh end suddeNly ory staRtsa llowing doubts about ku ti creep into HIs mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lolol.... nev3r mind that he ahS teh affectIo|\| fo every ku fan ni th3 world and nev3r mnid thAt he hsa the team basoLutely orll1ng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ it’s nto g0od enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~ in an efrf0t t0 keep co4Cj wIl7iamsa happy ku AHSitly firez te had ubt nmot beftr0e rumorz about mzatt doherty’z ob security begin t0 corp up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ SuDDENLY COACH WILLIaMS ST4RTS SAYiNG THING SL1CK “TJHIS 1sN’T HOW TIHNFSWERE WHEN I cAME TO KAnSSAS” AND HE IS NOMN-RSPONSIVE To LAMERS WHO 4SK HOIM “HOW CAN WE MAKE iT BETTER COACH????????? LLO~~~ ” COACH WLLIAMS GETS KU I|\|TO A FUNa7 FOUR BUT nPOTBEFOR3 UC7A AND ONRTH CAORLINA BOTTH DF1RE THEIR COACHES~ caroliNa, While not trying to activ3ly rweX0r ku’z chance aT a nAtional chAmpionsh1p,c erta1nly ahz little regard frp it... cvoach \/\/illams,, \\\\////\\\\////ho ahd off3red ihs promiswz of undying aFfection 0nly three yearS Befroe, si suddnely evqsIve and r3fuses to activel deny rumors thaat he si inTaresteD ni any otehr job!!!!!!!!!!!!! why?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? ololololoool~~~ that’s only fro roy tto say. lololo~~~ MABYEW HE BECAME DISE|\|CHANTED WITH KU/ maybe he couldn’t resiist h1s alma mateR again. you are lame!!!!!!!1 mayeb h ethougHt that this wzaz Too g0oed a chance to paSs up a secOnd time!!!!!!!111~~~~~ in any case, the fact of teh matetr si that roy mad3 promisez and he f4il3d to aX0rnjowledg3 those Pormisez and he then bork3 the/\/\ lololollolololololol~~ NO aMOUNT 0F SOPHISTRY AND TALK OF NEVAR E4TRING AGAIN SI GOINNG T0 CHANGGe tHAT!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ he w3nt baX0r on prromises he m4D3 to ku. amnd now roy stands befreo zu aNd treis to mkae unc happy adn 4lso op0rviDE a balm fro kuf ans who f33l they h4ve been burNed . YOU sUCKK tHE ONE PROB7EM I HAVE WITH ALL OF THIIS IS THAT CDOACH WiLLIAMs TOLD JASON WH1TLOXZ0R (OF YHE Ka|\|S4S CITYT STAR) THAZT HAD THE UNC JOB NOT OPENED UP, HE iNTENDED TO INTARVE1W FR0 TEH UCLA JOB, \\\\////\\\\////HICH MAKES hIM JUST ABOUT TEH BIGGEST &*%#@!!!!!!!!!!11~ hypocritwe ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~ HrAX)R YOUUUUUUU if roy never wantewd to Leeave Kansas vbut frLtt h4t hE coUld not pass up teh unc job azgain, then why did he pln to inrerveiw wiTh Ucla????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~ ev3n oif ew coulD froIv3 tyhe broken pormises and allwo ory anotehr shoot at unc, Th efdact that hwe \\\\////\\\\////4s cosidaring takinfg the uc7a job ssays only that ory eas a liaR frpm early on... LOLOLOLOLOLOOOL!!!!!!!11~~~~ AND N0W HERE W3 ArE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lololololl ZAND, TO B EFAIR, KKU FANS SARE NOLY HAPPY TO OBL1GE WITH VITR1O; 0F OUR OWN we stiLl ahv3 that dash of insecurity forM bie|\|g jilted by two d1fferent coaches th4t wse loved 4 gr8 deal ku gans wo’t usuaLly adm1t too the insecuRit yand carolina fanz refuse to see that mayb3, jusT maybe ,W3 ahve legitim8lyhurt feeklings in the \\\\////\\\\////hople ordeql and that si why i now despise ory williams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 BECUZ H3 QAZ TTOO B7INDO R SELLF-ABSROBE DRO WH8VAR TO SEE AnD IMAGIN3 THe HURT HE WOULD CUX azhd he left the first time it would hsve stung, but i tjhink we would ah\/3gOtteN Over it za lO tmoree easily.. i kn0sw iwould ahve wished him well aNd i wuld hopE that hjE isn tehse next two warez. AMD THAT’S 4LSo 2HY I NOW AHTEE UNC,W IHCH USED TO BE /\/\Y FAVROITe UNIVARSOTY IN THE WORLD aFTER KU.. THERI IS A R4TI0 DONT RiPE ME OFF~~ teyh cmoe 0varr hare with tehir condesCension snd teehiR refusal t0 4X0rnowldege that the hurt ory inflIcted \\\\////\\\\////azs legitimater and insist That \\\\////\\\\////e garee withthem!!!!!!!!111 f*X0r that!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ ORTY OBRkEO U H3ARTZ... lololololoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ GET USED TO IT UNC!!!!!!!!!! u ahve the coach yoU awnt, b3 happy and quit coming ovar herea nd preEning 4bout it and st0p expectIng us to afree wityh you that ory hUng the omon!!!!!!!!!!! it ain’t goNna 4hppen and why shou7du car anyway!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?? sorry fr0 tejh length hare btu thsi qhz been Buolding up in my mind fro some tim3 aqmd, w1th teh anonymity opf teh uintarnet,i can Finally lance teh boil ory put in my a$$ two Yeasrs ago wshen he lwft my schoo lafter otromiing he N3ver would - the dEucE

  • At 9:39 PM, Blogger Gemmie said…

    Holy Crap, bleer...what the hell was that???

    I vote, "Frithembleer is the king of everything" - oh, and Sweeney is a puss.

  • At 9:58 PM, Blogger frithembleer said…

    "what the hell was that???"

    that was the deuce, frithembleer2.

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger EmpireStrikesBack said…

    that was way too much leet to read, deuce, so I stopped. Anyway, 'bleer, don't tie your un-becoming to Roy...that path leads nowhere. I would like to think that the showing our new frosh gave in the McD's AA game provided some light to reveal the true path to your un-becoming. Good luck.


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